About Us



Karate — a sport that offers only advantages to your body, health and mind. It is based on a code ethics, so it is not only a sport that shows you how to defend yourself, but also teaches you discipline and strengthens your character.

We opened our gym because we believe in a healthy lifestyle and this is what we are trying to promote to all our clients. This means proper eating, regular physical activity and good personal values. And we don’t just stick to teaching karate — we are committed to being by our customers’ side in achieving their goals.

The programs focus on discipline, respect, confidence, and self-control.  We are commited to provide only the best.
The trust of our clients is extremely important – this is the only way to have the desired results!
This is how we show our respect towards our customers in return for time and trust they give us.
The safety of our clients comes first and that is why we take all necessary steps to ensure it.

Our Team

<span style="font-weight: bold;">David Milles</span>
David Milles
Karate coach for 5 years
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Hannah Taylor</span>
Hannah Taylor
Karate coach for 3 years
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Jessica Smith</span>
Jessica Smith
Karate coach for 2 years

Our clients say

Great gym, extraordinary team. Keep it up guys!
It started as a hobby but now I can’t imagine not taking karate classes. Thank you!
I'm getting here much more than just karate alone. Confidence, discipline and respect!